Football Accumulators

What is a football accumulator?

We’ve all heard lads and lasses talking about the perfect Saturday. Jeff and the boys on the tele, couple of drinks down the pub and multiple football accas.  If you’re a betting novice then you’re probably wondering what a football acca is, well let me tell you.

Simply put, a football acca or accumulator is a single bet consisting of two or more selections/results, you’ll only receive your winnings if all of your selections win.

For example, there might be five Premier League games on at 3pm one Saturday and you might pick the result of all five I.e Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea all to win.

For your bet to be settled as a winner you’ll need all five selections to be correct for your bet to be a winner.

So even if one selection lets you down, let’s say Manchester United lose but the rest win, your entire bet will be settled as a loser, unfortunately.

Some betting firms offer promotions whereby if only one selection let’s your bet down then you’ll receive a free bet or your stake back.

Check out the promotions page on whichever betting firm you’re using to see if this is something they offer.

The more selections you add to your accumulator the higher your returns will be.

But of course, with more selections comes a greater risk and it’s less likely your bet will win. So it’s good to be realistic.

Odds for your accumulator can be worked out by converting the fractional odds into decimals and then multiplying them together, which isn’t easy especially with awkward fractions.

Luckily you’ve no need to do this because when you place an accumulator, whether it’s online or in a shop, your odds and returns will be calculated and displayed automatically.

Bet odds update in real time when you add or remove selections online.

To place an accumulator online simply head to the football coupon, tap the odds for the team or result you want to back and add them to your bet slip. Once you’ve picked your selections add your stake and tap place bet.

Once your bet is confirmed you’ll be able to view all unsettled bet in the my bets tab.

If you like to do things the old school way then you can place a football accumulator in store by filling in a specific coupon or writing your selections on a blank betting sheet.

There are also betting terminals which work the same was as placing a bet online.

Football accumulators are not limited to just match results, so can be placed on all types of markets including both teams to score, first goal scorer, both teams to score in both halves and more.

Markets will vary depending on the bookmaker you are using.

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